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Good Read Magazine is your weekly collection of stories worth reading. Every weekend we curate a collection of new articles, videos, and stories created by our talented contributors. 

Good Read Mag


The contributors are a collection of amazing and talented people from all walks of life who have something to share and/or an interesting way of thinking. Their professions range from artists, models, designers, doctors, musicians, radio hosts, copywriters, educators and the list goes on and on. 


Good Read Magazine is a place to discover stories worth reading created by our contributors and curated by our editors.


The articles and stories can be found here at GoodReadMag.com, you can also follow us on social media at the links provide below. 


New articles will be posted weekly on Sunday mornings. Just in time to enjoy your morning coffee.


We love the idea of waking up late on a Sunday morning (assuming you don't work), laying in bed and picking up your phone (iPad) to read an interesting story. Also, as our editor-in-chief puts it, "At the end of the day, I get to work with my friends to create something interesting and fun."